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An Advanced Solution to Archive Safely & Securely

Creating a fully paperless environment with smart search to make it easier get results smoothly as quick as advanced through the professional technology solution of the archiving system.

A Fully Paperless Experience

Easily reach the database. documents, files securely and efficiently to help organizations in any industry digitize and automate the document’s cycle while securing and protecting their data to meet governance and compliance regulations

Save time recording bills, scanning contracts, approving documents, and become a paperless company. Track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files and digital images of paper-based content.”

Key Features

  1. Tracks the life cycle of the documents.
  2. Import – Electronic or scanned papers.
  3. Store & Maintain.
  4. Index – Search & Retrieve.
  5. Secure
  6. Export – Remove/delete records.
  7. Recover –Back

Archiving System Features

Fraud protection

Data retrieval

Data sharing internally and externally

Employee’s roles and progress monitoring

Workflow management.

No more paper

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