What is <strong>E-invoice</strong>?

An invoice that is issued and saved in an electronic format organized through an electronic system to prove the process of selling goods and services and contains the requirements of the tax invoice from components, form, unified design and content that have been identified and organized in accordance with the Egyptian Tax Authority.

What are the characteristics of an E-invoice?


Availability of electronic signature, to eliminate fraud.


Integration with ERP software.


An identification number for each invoice, which can be easily referenced.


Instant notifications, sending a notification to the seller and buyer registered in the system and sharing the billing data with them.


All invoices have a standard format.


Unified coding of goods and services, through the global coding system and the Egyptian coding system.

What is meant by an E-Signature?

It is an official signature of the funder, takes the form of an encrypted message that complies with legal regulations and provides the highest level of assurance of the identity of the signer.

How is an E-Signature obtained?

• The funder can obtain the electronic signature through: 1) Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) 2) Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry Company

What are the benefits that will accrue to the funders after the applying? – (long term)


Reducing the administrative burden, reducing cost of transactions and stop archiving invoices on paper.


Reducing the examination procedures for the company with the possibility of remote examination.


Facilitate tax refund procedures.


Facilitate the process of preparing and submitting declarations.


Ending the traditional procedures with companies to complete the bills.


Helping to integrate the informal economy and achieve tax justice among all financiers.

Yes، at the present time the major financiers have been obligated to join the electronic invoice system: but it will, in turn, be applied to the rest of the companies.

he Egyptian tax system has not yet announced the decision of small companies regarding the electronic invoice, but it is expected in the future that they will join the plan of development and digital transformation.

The financier is the person who pays taxes.
The commissar is the authorized person within the Tax Authority to register the taxpayer on the electronic invoice system.

  • Invoices are sent or uploaded to the portal within a period not exceeding 7 days, and they can be issued in Arabic and English.
  • The invoice can be modified within a period specified by law.
  • An invoice that has been sent can be canceled, the seller must send a cancellation request to the system, after which the cancellation request is sent to the buyer. If the buyer agrees, the invoice will be canceled.
  • If the buyer refuses, the seller’s request is rejected, and the invoice is considered legally valid.
  • In the case of a company that issues less than 200 invoices, the ETA portal is used.
  • In the case of a company that issues more than 200 invoices per month, the portal is used for a maximum of 6 months, then it must be linked with the ERP program.

Through it, time and effort are saved through an easy-to-use program that enables you to register tax invoices with the possibility of sending them instantaneously and automatically to the Egyptian Tax Authority system.

How can CreviSoft help you to integrate with the electronic invoice system?


The electronic invoice program can be linked with any ERP such as “Odoo, SAP, Oracle” or any other ERP system.


The electronic invoice program can be obtained even if you do not have ERP system.

What are the advantages of the electronic invoice program offered by Crevisoft?


Record all customer data.


Coding the items in accordance with the international coding system.


Entering electronic invoices.


The possibility of sending invoices to the tax authority.


Confirm the validity of invoices (accreditation and receipt).


Electronic signature and the unified number.

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