Odoo Is the Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software to Run a Business

Odoo Open ERP is a suite of enterprise management applications, targeting small, medium, or large, and multinational enterprises encompassing several departments.

ERP streamlines all managements segments like manufacturing, finance, and accounting, purchase, sales, warehouse, customer relationship management, human resources, point of sale, e-commerce and website, project management, document management under one roof. Thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of an enterprise.

Crevisoft and Odoo ERP

Crevisoft acts as one of the best and trusted Odoo partner constantly serving the best customization and implementation in ERP.

We are enriched with highly skilled technical experts for implementing the ERP providing ultimate benefit to our customer base.

Crevisoft is an Odoo partner and has made significant contributions of many applications towards Odoo enterprises.

Development and Customization

Our knowledge and skills on the Odoo modules allow us to offer you advanced customization of the system and to carry out complementary developments to adapt the Odoo software to your expectations.


Our Odoo project implementation method is based on our 7 years of experience allows quick integration and run of the system in the company.


Odoo is an open-source ERP that contains several modules to manage the different organization arenas. We increase the functionality of Odoo by integrating third-party software using a rich API library and web services.


The Odoo migration allows the users to upgrade to the new version of Odoo which is better, faster, and more reliable than the previous one.


A dedicated consultant is available to answer your support requests. This includes requests for daily support regarding the use of the software and requests for product evolution.


We do analysis to the business to design and develop the platform as per your company’s needs and requirements to be ready for implementation.


However, Odoo is extremely easy to use, it still requires your teams to be trained to use the software. We do the training for the users to understand how to use this software and the benefits it will bring to the business.

Why Crevisoft?

Odoo Partner

Modules Experience

High-quality Coding

7+ Years Experience

+50 Satisfied Clients

Enterprise Experience

Versions’ Experience

UI/UX Experience

Developed Odoo Apps

High Deliverables

High Coding Standards

Customized Modules

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