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Improve supply chain management.

Supply chain management software enables you to view procurement and sourcing of raw material, manufacturing process, and logistics and shipping activities in one place.
In other words, supply chain management ERP has a centralized dashboard that helps you to keep your eye on your entire operations in real-time.

  • Mass mailing & Email marketing.
  • Campaign’s measurement.
  • Make & receive calls.
  • Make a list of calls.
  • Customer info screen.
  • Auto-generated emails.
  • Salesperson & team Assign.
  • Leads/opportunity KPI.
  • Sale analysis.
  • Opportunities Analysis.
  • Advanced filters & grouping.
  • Track sales activities.

Why Crevisoft?

  1. Quality Odoo services.
  2. Experienced UI/UX developers.
  3. High-quality coding development standards.
  4. No third-party outsourcing.
  5. Data security.
  6. Odoo modules experience.
  7. Odoo development service in enterprise & community editions.
  8. Various industry experience.

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