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Accounting & Finance

is to facilitates the workflows, after many years of studying, researching, and providing technical services and solutions to our clients while ensuring our services and support, we desired to be more advanced and provide these modules that cover most niche requirements to improve work and optimize tasks to increase the company’s productivity.


The Manufacturing Apps section allows you to manage MRP, PML, equipment and quality service.


Operations Apps allow companies to manage stocks, inventories, timesheets, projects. Odoo also includes a helpdesk application to manage customer requests.


The sales apps in Odoo are optimized for salesforce management. They make it easier for salespeople to generate more business and track customers. With integrated CRM, sales management, subscription management, and point of sale management, all interactions related to sales are controlled in a single tool.

Customer Relation Management

Odoo offers a customer-centric CRM application that is connected to all company data and other Odoo applications. Within the CRM you can easily manage new lead opportunities, customer activities. You can also see sales forecasts as well as schedule sales activities all in one easy to use layout to boost the efficiency and performance of your sales department.


Purchase allows you to manage data suppliers and purchase orders to Improve your supply chain and inventory performance. Odoo’s automation automatically manages your purchasing workflow with procurement rules based on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders and more. You can also arrange your purchasing workflow with purchasing data.

Human Resource

The Odoo platform exhibits and provides various employee management tools and functions which would ease the operation of the HR department.The Odoo HR management is a collective aspect of various individual modules of operations which function together by interconnecting with the other aspects of the company operation in Odoo.


Drag and drop functionality allows you to quickly create and modify product pages and listings based on your needs. In addition, there are several marketing tools that allow vendors to cross-sell and upsell products to increase revenue. Integrated to payments and shipping, Odoo’s eCommerce is easy to start using and implement for immediate online sales.

User friendly software

Very easy to use

Powerful software

As efficent as major ERPs.

Affordable software

Attractive cost when compared to leading industry competitors

About Odoo Ready Partner Crevisoft

Founded in 2014, Crevisoft Solutions has been the focus on improving the productivity of our clients. The staff of Crevisoft Solutions has been on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving technology scene. We have enhanced the efficiency of businesses of all sizes with our consistently superb technology consulting, flexible service delivery model, and superior technical support.

Crevisoft are a premier Odoo provider with the goal of supporting and adding value to company information systems.

The company operates in 2 major areas. The first being the integration of business management software using ERP, CRM, and business intelligence software. The second area includes the development of tailor-made solutions and applications in addition to the implementation of e-commerce sites.

Crevisoft create the most innovative & creative Solutions that fulfill the organization’s goal. Crevisoft intensify efforts and expertise, get out of the box to always present the best, and develop to reach the top. Crevisoft create an effective and amazing experience for you and your clients.

  • Official Odoo Partner
  • +7 Years of Experience 
  • Supportive Team
  • Business Consultants

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