Odoo Shaping the Future Of Work


is to facilitates the workflows, after many years of studying, researching, and providing technical services and solutions to our clients while ensuring our services and support, we desired to be more advanced and provide these modules that cover most niche requirements to improve work and optimize tasks to increase the company’s productivity.


Property Management

The property management system is a full advanced portal facilitates the real estate workflows and automate the routine daily work to increase the productivity of the properties.

The system to know all about the properties and units, track, and follow-up all about installments, operations, financial or accounting, maintenance, and reports.


A dashboard to handle the financial flow of the petty cash and control it, which is giving you the most need options to know furthermore about your expenses and follow it up.

Online expense management in Odoo cuts down the time it takes to manage employee expenses and reports. With a 95.88% recognition rate, receipts and vendor bills from supplies or travel expenses can quickly be uploaded into expense records for manager review and approval. Thanks to an integrated interface, expenses can be recorded by the appropriate department and sent to the accounting team for processing. 


An advanced dashboard of the products to manage the selling, get reports, and review detailed list of information. Allows vendors to cross-sell and upsell products to increase revenue. Integrated to payments and shipping, Odoo’s eCommerce is easy to start using and implement for immediate online sales.

The sales process in summaries through charts and reports could be known, furthermore the sales orders, items sold, items refunded, net sale, sales by warehouses, cashier, categories or even by hour, and the payment methods. All of this in an advanced Point of Sale platform.


A point-of-sale system is an advance and combined software deals with several related hardware machines and user interface system for simplifying sales at a point. Odoo is a most recommended open-source ERP, with a beautiful and highly featured Point of Sale module. Odoo point of sale app is designed and developed in a way that, we can easily configure various hardware like the cash drawer, Barcode scanner, Printers, etc.


In Odoo there is a beautiful and user-friendly chat interface that will help the users to chat with other users. We can send text messages, reports, photos, videos, etc. via this chatbot. But currently, Odoo point of sale has no chat feature at any version.


Employee management in Odoo brings together all the best features of a traditional human resource management system. It offers a broad organized view of important information regarding each department’s employees. It also helps you improve your HR team’s reactivity with alerts for leave requests, applications, appraisals, and more.

The HR department will also be able to manage salaries, employees, and recruitment in Odoo. The approval modules help save time by managing your employee requests and keeping them all in one centralized dashboard for later review. It is built with pre-existing request for travel, office supplies, payments, and vehicles, but request types can also be configured to fit your organization.

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