Odoo Community VS Enterprise

One of the most notable differences between Odoo Community and Enterprise is their functionality. Enterprise, being the platinum version of Odoo, is built on top of the open source Community layer, and it has many additional modules & features. On Odoo 12, for example, many of the large scale improvements…

what is Daal ? what and why they invest for saudi social platform?

Daal, a Khobar-based VC firm has invested an undisclosed amount of money in $2.2 million seed round of social media management platform PromoRepublic, the firm told MENAbytes last week. The round was led by a Finnish government fund and joined by Poland’s Alfabeat and some angel investors. The startup that’s…

How “The Internet of Things” is Transforming Our Lives?

Will the day come that we can simply look down at our wrist and get a full, up-to-the-minute report on our health status? Might our refrigerator soon bypass us entirely and tell our car to remind us that we are low on milk? Science fiction? On the contrary, this reality is…