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One of the most notable differences between Odoo Community and Enterprise is their functionality. Enterprise, being the platinum version of Odoo, is built on top of the open source Community layer, and it has many additional modules & features.

On Odoo 12, for example, many of the large scale improvements are found solely on the Enterprise version. These include multi-website management and IP-address lead generation. Some modules are also exclusively on Enterprise, such as Document Management, IoT, and Studio.

Other notable areas of difference include eCommerce, where Odoo Enterprise V12 comes with a huge list of pre-built shipping integrations, as well as a connector to eBay. Additionally, full Accounting is only available on Enterprise.

In Manufacturing, meanwhile, Odoo Enterprise comes with Work Centers, allowing you to schedule, control, and allocate your production activities. It also comes with Quality Control, Maintenance, PLM, and IoT integration.

Support, Bugfixes, and Upgrades

A second major difference is support. Many businesses place importance on being able to get support when they need it — while Odoo offers this for the Enterprise edition, it does not do so for Community.

(If your instance has customizations, however, Odoo will not be able to help in this area — they only assist with the core platform.

Odoo also offers upgrade assistance as long as it is into an Enterprise version, i.e. from Community to Enterprise or Enterprise to Enterprise.

Hosting Options

Community and Enterprise also differ in their hosting. With Odoo Community, you handle hosting yourself, whether using your own on-premise servers or hosted servers. Given this is your own open-source instance, you can customize it to your heart’s content.

With Enterprise, you have both these options, but you have an additional cloud hosting option using Odoo.sh.

Additionally, you can also use Odoo SaaS. However, you cannot customize this instance, as it is a multi-tenant model where everyone is accessing the same software.

Odoo Community Hosting

  • On-premise hosting
  • Cloud hosting (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, etc.)

Odoo Enterprise Hosting

  • On-premise hosting
  • Cloud hosting (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • Cloud hosting (Odoo.sh)
  • SaaS (non-customizable)


Last of all, price! Because Odoo Enterprise is a licensed version of Odoo, it adds yearly expenses in licensing fees, meaning Community is often less expensive for companies. But that’s not all there is to it.

Which option is better in terms of price really depends on what you’re looking for from your Odoo instance.

Because Odoo Enterprise has many modules and features out-of-the-box that Odoo Community lacks, companies that are looking for these features will see a bump in price if they want them on the Community version.

In other words, though licenses raise the cost of Enterprise, customization and development can raise the cost of Community ((to bring up the level of features). Which option ends up being more affordable depends on the particular features and extent of customization/development you’re looking for.

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