Value marketing is a term that has its weight in the world of marketing

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What is Value Marketing

Value marketing is one of the fundamentals of marketing work, in which the value of the brand is determined in the mind of the public according to the level of service provided, the benefits that will accrue when dealing with this company, or the financial cost it will pay in comparison to the real value it will acquire. Value Marketing is the password that makes a consumer pay $ 10 when buying a product, even though there is a product that is less pricey and more affordable in manufacturing and quality.
Value-based marketing is a way for companies to determine their position in the marketplace. It is a set of brand strategies to create value for themselves in the minds of the public. When you think of cars, you usually have names in your mind like Mercedes and Ford. When you think of a perfect relaxation trip, you'll think of either the Maldives or the Bahamas, and when you want to taste a quick meal while you're walking, your mind will automatically go to McDonald's or KFC. Through value marketing, the brand and product become two sides of a single coin, so that they become synonymous with each other.
the value

In order to create a real niche for any advertising campaign you do, you first have to think about the value you give the public. This value may be as tangible as quality fabrics in fashion and fashion, or be speed in driving. The value may be as significant as the pleasure of trying an electronic game, or looking at you as a person of high social standing because you are wearing one of the major brands.


When you consider establishing a mental image of your brand, you should ask the following questions:

    What would be the benefit to my target audience when dealing with me?
    What added value do I give them compared to competitors?
    What are the things they are looking for in my product / service?
    What are the things they are looking for and working to provide them?
These four questions work to shape your mental image in the mind of the audience. If the customer finds that your brand gives him the benefits he is looking for, gives him added value he can not find with any other company, besides working constantly to develop itself and give him everything new in the market, for him is always the first option if he needs any of the services offered.
Market value

The market value here means the weight of the physical and moral brand in the commercial market. If we consider the market for clothing and footwear, the market value of the Nike brand is higher than the Adidas competitor. The same is true for smartphones. The Apple brand in the global market outperforms Samsung and other competitors. Despite the quality of competitors' services, the market value of both Nike and Apple has helped them to maintain their top position over the years.
Purchasing experience

The purchasing experience plays a big role in determining the value of the brand in the public mind. The company can succeed in advertising itself as the best, most experienced and quality, and fail in the first real test when dealing with the client. Whatever the market value of the brand, if the company fails to satisfy the customer, there is no market value to it.

    Factor of achievement and comfort

The factor of achievement and comfort plays a pivotal role in the public's decision about dealing with you or not! If he finds in your service that makes him shorten his time and speed up the implementation of his tasks, then you give him real value needed and looking for.

The more you are able to satisfy the greatest customer needs, the higher your market value. If you specialize in selling mobile phones, you have a special maintenance section, all the hardware accessories are available, and you cooperate exclusively with the manufacturers' agencies. You are the magic savior of the customer, which will help him to finish the largest amount of his needs from the same place and the same quality, and the speed required as well.

    Sensory integration

Intuitive integration is the sense that the brand cultivates in the customer's mind. This mechanism connects the product presented with a feeling that is popular to the public, so that it creates an involuntary connection if he wants to feel this feeling by buying the product.

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