Samsung’s Radical Galaxy Note 10 Pro Suddenly Takes Shape

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Following up his Galaxy Note 10 exclusive, the always reliable Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) has revealed Samsung has something much more ambitious launching alongside it: the stunning ‘Galaxy Note 10 Pro’.

Teaming up with pricebaba, Hemmerstoffer has delivered our first look at Samsung’s hotly tipped new flagship and, in typical OnLeaks-style, done so in 5k resolution. What leaps out are the new quad camera (which is dramatically improved from the previous dual strip design), a single, central punch-hole front camera (as expected) and significantly smaller bezels.

One note of caution: while popular Samsung insider Ice Universe has endorsed the overall design, he tweets that the “renderings are a bit exaggerated, especially the chin, which is actually only a little smaller than the S10+.” Hemmerstoffer has since responded that the Note 10 Pro will have a 4.1mm chin versus 4.9mm on the S10+. 0.8mm is not a lot in isolation, but it is proportionally, so both leakers have a point. What about bad news? I’m afraid there is some. Hemmerstoffer’s renders clearly show Samsung has indeed scrapped the headphone jack. We already knew it had been pulled from the standard Note 10, but to lose it from the much larger Note 10 Pro is a blow and it’s odd Samsung would think its do-all smartphone was the best model to debut this unpopular change.

On the flipside, we know the Galaxy Note 10 Pro will also debut next-gen RAM and next-gen storage alongside some truly jaw-dropping fast charging speeds which leave the Galaxy S10 eating its dust. So has Samsung done enough? In a year when Apple is making a mess of the iPhone 11, it just might.

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