Automation continues to be game-changing

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The automation has entered in different industries, won a dominant position and acquired a good reputation. Undoubtedly, 2019 will bring progress, upgrade, and prosperity to robotic automation.

Autonomous things like drones, robots and autonomous vehicles are rapidly developed along with AI solutions. We expect a shift from the stand-alone things to complex systems of intelligent autonomous things. With the development of the AI technologies, autonomous things get more and more brains to interact and establish interrelations within complex systems. Thus, self-driven cars are capable of images recognition and geolocation tracking for making routes, voice recognition to follow the commands and various other technologies to provide convenience and comfort to people.

The RPA, or robotic process automation, is no longer a one-day technology. Nowadays it proved to be a technology changing the businesses. In 2019, the number of attended robots, those working alongside humans, is going to grow even more significant. In additions, the RPA in the public sector will rise, and governments will discover new opportunities with RPA.

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