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What is PayPal?

  • Pay Pal is the fastest, easiest and safest way to buy what you want online. You can shop around the world , without leaving your place and no one will check your credit card information. You have the opportunity to pay using your bank account or credit card. It is available to shop globally as it has more than 100 million accounts in 190 markets and 25 currencies.

What is PayPal’s advantages?

  • It is a safe guaranteed 100% way to pay without facing any fraud cases through your personal account when shopping online and to avoid stealing your unsecure financial information completely. It avoids any money withdrawl without your approval and gives you the best and safest way to shop online without revealing any information about your account.
  • It saves time and avoids waiting in lines for your turn when going to the bank. You can pay your bills through one click without leaving your house. It is the fastest ever.
  • Though Pay pal, you can send money abroad to other countries, without being charged a lot. It is the quickest and safest way to guarantee delivering money abroad.
  • Pay Pal is a center to solve problems between the buyer and the seller, in case there is any disputes between them. You can send a document with the dispute case in the first 30 days of your purchase to the product. The document will get saved with evidence, to solve the dispute quickly. It is the better if you save e-mails or receipts or tracking numbers of the product or any related information.
  • It saves money as there are Pay Pal coupons to save money when shopping online. It offers a safe place to shop with great prices as it is easy to be used and needed most of the time.

What are PayPal disadvantages?

  • Pay Pal can freeze your account and hold your money without your authorization first, if t\it felt that there is any fraud or violation to their policy. When they get to freeze your account, it needs a while to allow you to use your account once more.
  • Pay Pal is checks your banking account and terms of use gives it access to your account easily. They can withdraw money without your authorization.
  • Although transaction process is easy and fast through Pay Pal, you can’t as a buyer reach to these money directly especially if you are a seller on e-bay on PayPal. PayPal might stop transaction process for 21 days if any problem occurred when transacting the money.

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