ERP and the rise of the social customer!!

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Initially viewed as a platform simply for communication and engagement between users, social media has developed way beyond a means of just sharing and connecting with friends and family. Now, social media is also one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach its market and find new global audiences. While we all have a sense that social media platforms have become all-pervasive, the actual statistics showing social media penetration are astonishing to say the least. Out of a total world population of 7.6 billion (as of November 2018), more than 4.2 billion people are active on the internet and more than 3 billion have at least one social media account and spend almost 2 hours per day on their socials. Collectively, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages per day (Brandwatch Research).

The opportunity to really get close to your customer has never been more profound and, for this reason, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are evolving to integrate with social media channels.  This innovation, referred to as social networking, has become one of the primary means of promoting brand identity, improving internal communication and connecting with consumers, vendors and partners.

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