Strategy to retain customers : After Sales Service – Methods and Advantages

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  • Most businesses today expend lot of energy & cost to attract new customers. But, as long as a business is not able to come up with effective strategies to retain it’s existing customers, it cannot attain success. Hence, it is very important for companies to maintain good customer opinion and brand image to survive.

While many companies train their employees to delight the customer through faster and easy processes and complimentary gifts and discounts, most of them falter when it comes to service. Many treat the customers well during the sales process & majority of them forget them once the sale is made. Hence, most customers tend to shift towards competitors.

Here, one cannot help but think how a company can retain it’s customers without having to bear additional costs for the same.

The answer – “After Sales Support” function. One of the simplest, most effective and also most neglected factor.  Today, with cut-throat competition everywhere, companies have realized the importance of After Sales Support function and have a set of dedicated staff for the same.

Methods of providing After Sales Service:

1. Simple call made few days after the sale to exchange pleasentries and to enquire about the product experience will show the commitment towards the customer.

2. Grievance addressable platforms help customers to put forward problems faced with the product.

3. Asking customers for feedback, product rating and suggestions on improvement show commitment to provide nothing but the best.

4. Rewarding loyal customers is important as they provide with constant business and also provide references.

5. Call customers once in a while to find out if they would want to try any of the other products offered by the company.

These simple yet effective ways ensure a happy and satisfied customer with a great product and service experience. It is a cost-friendly & an effective way in achieving customer delight. It also benefits organizations as they don’t need to pay additional costs towards acquiring new customers.

Advantages of providing after sales services:

1. Loyalty – If proper services are provided, a customer would always feel inclined to come back for further purchases.

2. Referrals – A satisfied customer is all the more valuable as there are higher chances of references being given.Thus, company benefits from word-of-mouth publicity.

3. Reviews – Due to many social platforms, customers have become more verbal and open about their experiences with regards to a product. Great service experience always give brownie points and great reviews.

Suffice to say, with companies trying new methods to lure customers, it is important not to forget the good old tricks of the trade and this method sure opens lot of opportunities in retaining them.

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